Data Sharing using Harvard Dataverse#

There are three NSAPH collections at Harvard Dataverse:

Uploading data to NSAPH Dataverse collection#

There are two ways to upload data to a NSAPH Dataverse collection.

Upload within the collection#

The first is:

  1. Navigate to one of the NSAPH collections: NSAPH Open Data, NSAPH Analysis data or NSAPH General.

  2. Within the collection, click “Add Data” > “New Dataset” (see figure):

Upload from the main page#

Another way to upload data to a NSAPH Dataverse collection is by selecting the collection at upload:

  1. On the main Harvard Dataverse page, click “Add Data”.

  2. Next, specify the Host Dataverse (i.e., the collection) name in the upload form like in the figure below:


For additional guidence on data upload, please see documentation here: